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About Us

The place, on Curaçao, where eyecare meets eyewear.

Our Story

It all started when the jewish jeweller, Mister Kan, emigrated from Holland to Aruba in 1952. Kan was a true craftsman - and as a combination of optics and jewellery was very common in that time - he partnered up with the only optician on the island at that time: Mister Oduber. 


Thus the gentlemen Oduber and Kan opened their first Oduber & Kan shop in 1953 on Aruba. They decided to branch out their business to the neighbouring island of Curaçao and in November of 1958 the first shop was opened in the - at that time - blooming centre of Punda.


In 1979 Optica Oduber & Kan was one of the first shops to move from Helfrichplein to Saliña, hereby solving the problem of the centre of Punda being poorly accessible by car, in Saliña clients could park right in front of the shop. Many other shops soon followed to the new and more accessible location. 


The company was acquired by Pieter van Thiel in 1997. With over 60 years of experience, Optica Oduber & Kan has grown to become a household name on the island. Craftsmanship, customer satisfaction, style, and a pleasant environment for both our customers and our workers, form the core of our company. 

Meet The Team

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